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Impacts Toolkit


An impact is an economic, environmental, health and well-being, or civic engagement condition that is changed by educational events and other Extension activities. Impacts can occur at the community, organizational, family, or the individual level. Impacts are extremely important because, when well written, they clearly illustrate the significance of our work. It improves the visibility of our programs, which leads to greater support and a better understanding of its value to the nation, state, or community.

A success story is similar to an impact statement but narrower in scope. It focuses on the change related to the individual. But, you can take a success story with one or more individuals and extrapolate to a larger community. You can demonstrate how the change in behavior for a single individual if applied to the target population could, for example, decrease the costs for the juvenile justice system due to behavior changes in at-risk youth, reduce the need for county medical services because of changes in eating habits among low-income families, increase the county tax base when produce or animals have more value in the market due to farmers and growers using best practices, etc.


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