Program Development & Evaluation Center

Workload and Annual Reporting

UF/IFAS must report certain data to the state of Florida and to USDA to continue receiving land grant funding. Enter all data by January 15 to insure they are included in our annual federal and state reports.

What's in Workload? 2020 Guide

Review the Workload indicators: Overview (PDF) and by Priority Work Group (Excel).

All Faculty:

Workload Reporting

Workload reporting is used in our state to request additional funding for UF/IFAS each year. Our workload categories include educational materials produced and specific types of contacts by faculty. All faculty members, regardless of appointment, must complete this information. If you have had no educational contact with the public, enter all zeros.

State Faculty Only:

Refereed journal publications

These must be submitted to your department each year. This information is required for the USDA research report. Please visit the Publicatons Reporting website for more details, including a list of EndNote unit administrators.

Faculty with any Extension Appointment:

Outcomes and Impacts

Outcomes and impacts are needed for the USDA Extension report. Extension faculty members must utilize this application to enter impacts and success stories related to the focus area(s) in which they program. This information, in combination with REEport data, will be used to generate accountability reports for the state.

Faculty with any Research Appointment:


All research projects must be represented in REEport, NIFA's new grant and formula project initiation and reporting system that replaces the Current Research Information System (CRIS).