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As part of its long-range plan called the Extension Roadmap, UF/IFAS Extension is organized into seven Statewide Initiatives and Priority Work Groups guided by a team of state and county faculty who specialize in that particular subject. Each team creates a Plan of Action that documents the needs of the community and the role of Extension in meeting those needs. This organizational structure allows us to envision our future and the challenges and changes facing UF/IFAS Extension over the next several years.

Each year, UF/IFAS conducts a comprehensive review of the Extension Roadmap (and thus, its teams) to accomplish several important goals, including:

  • To ensure our programs are aligned with the current needs of Floridians;
  • To comply with USDA requirements;
  • To revitalize the Extension Roadmap;
  • To identify future Extension needs (e.g., additional specialists or new research);
  • To demonstrate to funding agencies that we are worthy of continued support.

Thank you for participating in this year's Team Review. We welcome your suggestions for improvements to the process and data provided.

Date and Location

All teams should meet each year between November and mid-March to conduct their team review. Program leaders will be coordinating with the teams on dates and locations — reviews may be held virtually. Any changes to this process must be approved by the program leader. We must have the reviews completed by March 15 each year to allow us enough time to complete the Federal report.

Review Process:

There are three components to this review process:

  1. Update your Priority Work Group's Plan of Action.
  2. Modify your Priority Work Group's title or team membership, if needed. This must be approved by your Program Leader and Extension Administration.
  3. Write a narrative that 1) identifies one major statewide program that is considered highly successful with significant and well-documented impacts, and 2) identifies additional resources needed to produce successful programs (i.e., state specialists or new research).

Follow the steps below to ensure a thorough and productive team review.

Step 1 — Review Plan of Action
  1. Read over the current Plan of Action for your Priority Work Group, located on your team page.
  2. Identify any developing trends that may require additions, deletions, or changes to the Plan of Action.
  3. Review the results of the recent Merit Review of your current Plan of Action. These reviews are conducted by evaluation specialists and your program leader. The results of the review will be sent to you in February. You will need to address the changes recommended by the merit reviewers or justify why they are unnecessary.
  4. Review any additional Priority Work Group-specific reports identified by your program leader.
Step 2 — Update Plan of Action
  1. Revise the Plan of Action on your team page.
  2. Send the revised Plan of Action to Diane Craig to be posted on the web.
Step 3 — Complete the Team Report
  1. Download and complete the Team Report Template.
  2. To identify a program to highlight some teams find it helpful to look over the impacts entered by faculty into Workload. A complete set was sent to each team lead on January 22, 2016. Email Diane Craig if you did not receive a copy.
  3. Send the completed report and logic model to Diane Craig by March 15.
Step 4 — Update Team Membership and Permissions
  1. Go to your team page and review the list of Team Members and Associated Extension Faculty (i.e., faculty who reported under your team in this year's Workload).
  2. Leader should log in and make changes to the membership list as needed. This includes adding and deleting members, changing team leaders, and assigning passwords to allow other team members to have the ability to post meeting minutes, reference materials, etc.

Questions or Concerns?

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