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Initiative & Priority Work Group Team Pages

The statewide Initiatives and Priority Work Groups represent the current organizational structure for all Extension activities. For more information, see the Extension Roadmap.

Click on the Initiatives and Priority Work Groups titles to visit the team's web page. The following items are included on every team page (some require a login):

  • Bulletin board to post team members' comments, news, event/meeting notices, etc.
  • Team member list maintained by the team leaders. If you would like to join a team, please email the team leader(s) listed on the team page. Click on "Team Members", then click on name in bold and email program will open.
  • Associated faculty list derived from Workload and Impacts
  • Plan of Action that describes the team's current objectives and outcomes in one or more statewide program area
  • Meeting minutes
  • Resources to help team members share, collaborate, and educate

  1. Agriculture/Horticulture
    Increasing the sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness of agricultural and horticultural enterprises.
    1. Sustainability of production systems and alternatives
    2. Farm economics, entrepreneurship, and management
    3. Citizen awareness of food systems and the environment
  2. Water
    Enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity and supply.
    1. Water conservation
    2. Water quality
    3. Public awareness of water issues
  3. Natural Resources
    Enhancing and conserving Florida's natural resources and environmental quality.
    1. Informed community decision making
    2. Natural resources operations and invasive species
    3. Environmental literacy and stewardship
  4. Energy
    Producing and conserving traditional and alternative forms of energy.
    1. Conservation practices and efficiency improvement
    2. Alternative energy solutions
    3. Community capacity development
  5. Individual and Family Development
    Empowering individuals and families to build healthy lives and achieve social and economic success.
    1. Health and Wellness
    2. Family Resource Management
    3. Nutrition and Food Systems
  6. Community Development
    Strengthening urban and rural community resources and economic development.
    1. Economic development and entrepreneurship
    2. Community capacity building
    3. Public policy education
  7. 4-H Youth
    Preparing youth to be responsible citizens and productive members of the workforce.
    1. Youth development
    2. Developing organizational and volunteer systems to support youth development