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Florida Extension Roadmap

The new Extension Roadmap consists of seven statewide Initiative Leadership Teams that will address the 2013-2023 priorities through Priority Work Groups. Each of the 22 work groups have or will develop a Plan of Action to guide their efforts over the next five years.

Each Priority Work Group will address at least one of five "super issues:"

  1. Awareness and appreciation of our food systems and our environment.
  2. Sustainability and conservation of resources in our Florida communities.
  3. Financial security of individuals, business enterprises, and communities.
  4. Opportunity for our youth to experience science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  5. Opportunity for Floridians to embrace healthy lifestyles.

Information from all 22 plans will be used by Extension Administration to better understand what work is being done on each Super Issue and illustrate the interconnected relationships that exist when dealing with these complex issues.

Initiative Leadership Teams and Priority Work Groups

Initiative 1: Increasing the sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness of agricultural and horticultural enterprises. [Leadership Team Page] [More Details]
Initiative 2: Enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity and supply. [Leadership Team Page]
[More Details]
Initiative 3: Enhancing and conserving Florida's natural resources and environmental quality.
[Leadership Team Page] [Existing Programs] [More Details]
Initiative 4: Producing and conserving traditional and alternative forms of energy.[Plan] [Leadership Team Page] [More Details]
  • Conservation practices and efficiency improvement
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Community capacity development
Initiative 5: Empowering individuals and families to build healthy lives and achieve social and economic success. [Leadership Team Page] [More Details]
Initiative 6: Strengthening urban and rural community resources and economic development. [Leadership Team Page] [More Details]
Initiative 7: Preparing youth to be responsible citizens and productive members of the workforce. [Leadership Team Page] [Standards and Expectations] [More Details]