Program Development & Evaluation Center

About PDEC

Mission Statement

PDEC’s mission is to add value to UF/IFAS Extension through improved program development and evaluation processes and the enhancement of professional competencies based on the science of Extension.

The Program Development and Evaluation Center (PDEC) was established in 1972 and merged with the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication (AEC) in 1997.

The PDEC main office is located at 126 Bryant Hall, and AEC is located at 305 Rolfs Hall.

Products and Services

Supports Faculty in Programming
  • teaches in-service education programs
  • assists and organizes needs assessment surveys
  • conducts situational analyses using socio-demographic data
  • provides guidance in implementing educational programs
  • develops publications and how-to handouts on programming
Assists with Strategic Planning
  • teaches faculty to develop and use strategic plans
  • assists with monitoring the accomplishment of strategic plans
Supports Faculty in Evaluation
  • teaches in-service education programs
  • assists and organizes evaluation surveys
  • identifies impact measures and guides impact studies
  • develops publications and how-to handouts on evaluation
Enhances Program Quality
  • coordinates county program reviews
  • uses evaluation data for marketing programs to key stakeholders
Maintains State Accountability Data and Assists With Assessing and Implementing Programming Strategies
  • coordinates UF/IFAS evaluation and accountability efforts
  • designs and assembles POW & ROA databases
  • analyzes management data to assess organizational performance
  • coordinates the preparation of accountability reports
  • designs frameworks for long-range planning
  • supports program design and interdisciplinary research teams
  • researches new model and strategies for accountability systems