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Initiative I – Priority Work Group 1.2: Food Systems

Hello Food Systems Team,

The Food Systems Leadership met this morning to discuss plans for the remainder of the year and ideas for streamlining ROA/POW and Workload Outcomes and Impacts. Please stay tuned for Outcome/Impact templates to help collate data from across the state! We also discussed potential IST ideas.

Posted May 23 2018

oops - in addition, you may email Liz Felter at Thank you!

Posted April 17 2017

Hi folks,

Thanks to all of you who attended one or both Food Systems ISTs in March. It was great to see you there. In case you missed it, I have uploaded some resources that were distributed to attendees for your convenience. These are located in the RESOURCES tab. Also, the Plan of Action (POA) has been revised for 2017, so if you have an older copy, please delete it and replace it with this new one. It is more succinct, and I think (hope) more useful. If you would like me to add your name to this PWG, just email at If you need resources for programs, or just have a question, you can email me about that too, or you can email Michelle Danyluk ( or Mary Beth Henry ( Thanks! - Danielle

Posted April 17 2017

To help you with writing impacts, PDEC just added two resources: Guidelines for Writing Impacts and an Impacts Rubric.

Posted August 07 2015

Hi everyone,

The latest version of the strategic plan for this Priority Work Group is now online as of December 1, 2015. You might also be interested in reviewing the resource page for additional supporting literature and recommended websites. If you have something you would like to share, please send it to me and I will be happy to review/post.

Danielle Treadwell

Posted December 02 2014

Please use the tutorial in the Resources Archive to familiarize yourself with the Team Pages. Contact PDEC (352-392-0386) if you have any questions.

Posted October 29 2013

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